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Monday, 19 September 2011

Into The Rain...........

Morning beautiful people. The sun is bursting through my window, right as another wave of spine tingling pride washes over me. A historical day for me and my closest friends. Another little documented stamp on history. Significant to me and my own little path. Today see's the release of our second single 'Into The Rain' across the world on itunes :)

There is also a massive remix of the track available on our bandcamp page!

get it on your eye-fones and your eye-pods, listen to it in the car or while your running around the park! listen to it everywhere and enjoy!

big love



Monday, 5 September 2011

Munich Tour Dates

Hey guys

Great news, we are pleased to announce the tour dates for our new single 'Into The Rain'.

Since the last tour we have been writing lots and lots of new material for our debut album and literally can not wait to get on the road and play these new songs to you all.

If you haven't already heard the band has moved into a massive old house. We have converted the cellar into a recording studio and been pretty much locked in for 3 months! Much to my surprise no one has gone crazy yet and the vibe is still great, and most importantly the tunes are sounding EPIC!

So our second single 'Into The Rain' is to be released on 19th September through Universal Music and Mada Music. The single will be available for Download from Itunes and all other online outlets. Physical copies of the single will be available from our Bandcamp page (links below).

4th October - Portsmouth - The Cellars
5th October - Leicester - Lock 42
6th October - Cardiff - Arts Institute
7th October - Reading - Play
8th October - Paris - L'international, Paris
10th October -Leeds - The Well
11th October - Sunderland - Independent
12th October - Edinburgh - Electric Circus
13th October - Glasgow - King Tuts
14th October - Dundee - Doghouse
15th October - Inverness - Mad Hatters

For more information you can visit our Facebook etc (links provided below)

I hope to see you all in the next month or so and I hope you're all digging 'Into The Rain'

Big Love

Slade xx

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Communication: Boxing day

This will only be a short blog, its boxing day and I'm having a wonderful couple of days. Christmas day was great, so nice to be around family and loved ones. Trying to teach younger cousins how to play their first guitar! eating too much!!

I just want to say thank you all so much for your support and love during 2010. The EP and the shows have all been amazing!

2011 is shaping up to be a classic year, we have a UK tour in Feb, recording single and album in the spring and all the promo that comes with that, and then the summer festivals!!

Keep an eye on the myspace and facebook pages for updates, free downloads and more exciting news.

wishing you a very happy Christmas and a happy new year

big love


on behalf of all the Munich boys


Friday, 3 September 2010

Communication Part 3

A huge sense of achievement is cursing through my veins at the moment. You know when you get that feeling where your totally satisfied and proud of yourself. I don't mean that in any kind of egotistical way. Just excitement and pride. It feels pure and clean. Like when my mum said you only appreciate the value of something once you've worked hard for it.

The five of us have worked so hard these last few months. Holding down full time jobs, rehearsing and writing 6 hours a day. Trudging around with a van load of equipment, load in, un load, load in, unload, load in, unload EXPLODE! The funny thing is i know id happily do this for the rest of my life.

What i love about music is how everyone See's it so differently. Personally I'm certainly no muso, i don't even own many Cd's and my ipod library i ripped from Chubbs cos i felt i had too. haha. But still how everyone involves music in their lives, amazes me, some listen to radio, some don't listen at all, some, likes James McKeown and Rob Dove probably spend about 60% of their annual wages on music!, i swear they have bag fulls every time i see them. Bands I've never heard of, DJ's, different genres. All great music. My point being, music is different for everyone, but music is music, the pleasure of music is something we all indulge in, whether it be daily on the ipod or once in a blue moon on myspace. Music is beautiful, it can change your life. Just like it has ours.

So the last week or so we have been in Bath Moles recording studio. A week to lay down and capture 5 songs that we have poured our blood and sweat into. This is the time is all has to fall into place. This is where is all has to make sense. Making a record is so important to us. To document ourselves in history. The engineer Nick Jopling and producer Paul Corkett, were both wonderful. The instant understanding from what we wanted to achieve, the tireless effort and continuous drive to push things forward. credit to you boys.

We finally got there. 'Where are you now' is done. The sun still shines.
The release date is around end of October, We will let you know exact dates, when we know more. The information i have so far is that it will be released globally on itunes, amazon etc and retail outlets. We have also involved an amazing fashion designer Tamzin Lillywhite to design our artwork. This will be released in the form of a 7" vinyl limited addition. I believe you will be able to get this from Resident and Rounder records in Brighton, Maybe HMV worthing.

The Momentum seems to be picking up quite nicely right now and i would just like to thank you guys for your continuous support. None of this can happen without you. This is all about you! Music, love and friends, Keep chatting on the facebook, commenting on the pictures and listening to the tracks. keep turning up at venues and keep offering the love.

I have faith



3rd September 2010 11:33am

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Communication Part 2

After a fantastic month writing new material and spending time in the studio, We are feeling positive and optimistic. We are confident and excited that the new E.P is going to blow your mind. Its a refreshing experience when 5 musicians are all on the same creative page.

Next for us is actually getting it recorded, there is talk of us going to Bath, so those of you that live in that neck of the woods, I'm sure we will be up for a night out!! There is also talk of us locking ourselves into a country house in the middle of nowhere and recording D.I.Y style. We want a certain unique quality to this recording and maybe doing it ourselves is the answer. Naturally i will keep you updated via myspace and facebook, i will do my best to upload pictures etc. Depending on how the recording sessions are going, it might be nice to get one or two of you guys in to the studio, just so you can see the process and hard work that's involved. I haven't actually discussed that with anyone as it just came to my mind hahaha.... but I'm sure if we are winning and on top it could be arranged.

Massive thanks to all those that came to the Worthing show at the end of last month. After being in the studio it was so nice to play a packed out gig in front of loads of super cool people!!! nice one!! We don't tend to do many shows at home but when we do it always turns out to be amazing! Sambuca shots all round half way through the set always helps, Photo opportunity's with 'Calvin Josh Holmes Klien' always welcome, and your overwhelming support is always welcome, its your faith and love that keeps us going! This is for you x

Another note, recently we have signed to a new management company MaDa Music, Adam Nicol at MaDa is now responsible for sorting us out and insuring we remain focused and heading in the right direction. Placed upon his shoulders is a lot of responsibility and he has a tough job ahead of him. We have every faith in his ability and potential.

Monday we have a show in London with 'I Dream in Colour' its in Camden and sold out, but I'm sure if you head down we will find a way of sneaking you in! but keep that under your hat like! (as he posts on the Internet!). Check IDIC out on myspace and facebook, super good band with bags of potential!.

Bands for you to check out - Black Keys, 65 Days of Static, Cursive, Spiritualized, and you will know us by the trail of dead, bright eyes, Naive Machine. Let us know what your digging right now!

one last thing before i head off, our friends at Hit and Hope Records have launched their new website. Packed full of amazing tunes! check em out
Hit and Hope will be debuting NEW LIVE MATERIAL from its artists Naive Machine this Saturday at the Glitch Mob show, Concorde 2, Brighton, all of the Munich boys will be there and its going to be a seriously amazing night out! for more info

peace and love



Thursday, 17 June 2010

Communication: Part 1

Communication: Part 1

So this is when and where it all begins. The communication revolution. Social networking sites and mobile handsets that keep you perched on the forefront of every single happening thing. I'm not related to you but i know everything about you. You gage peoples moods, piece together peoples days and movements. You look over the garden fence whilst they air their dirty laundry. You send birthday wishes to strangers. I used to pop round to my mum and dads for a chat, give my mum a hug, now i send a text or fire off a stray facebook message. Collectively we are in touch, singularly we are distancing ourselves. I guess this is just how it happens, evolution as it occurs. Technology is a wonderful thing(?).
The aim of Munich blogging for me, is to keep those who care informed and enlightened. I don't intend to preach or cast my own judgements, I simply intend to let you know what we are up to, what we feel and what we think. Munich consists of five people, I will endeavor to convey and channel our collective spirit through the medium of technology. I will blog and up date facebook status, I will keep you up to date with things that we have passion for, in a hope you will share that same passion. Every day life is a beautiful thing. So as we begin to get to know one another, indulge in laughter and light hearted banter and always feel free to add your own comments.
A long weekend in the studio, writing new material awaits us tomorrow.
Music is our passion x
11:23 17 June 2010Slade