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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Communication: Part 1

Communication: Part 1

So this is when and where it all begins. The communication revolution. Social networking sites and mobile handsets that keep you perched on the forefront of every single happening thing. I'm not related to you but i know everything about you. You gage peoples moods, piece together peoples days and movements. You look over the garden fence whilst they air their dirty laundry. You send birthday wishes to strangers. I used to pop round to my mum and dads for a chat, give my mum a hug, now i send a text or fire off a stray facebook message. Collectively we are in touch, singularly we are distancing ourselves. I guess this is just how it happens, evolution as it occurs. Technology is a wonderful thing(?).
The aim of Munich blogging for me, is to keep those who care informed and enlightened. I don't intend to preach or cast my own judgements, I simply intend to let you know what we are up to, what we feel and what we think. Munich consists of five people, I will endeavor to convey and channel our collective spirit through the medium of technology. I will blog and up date facebook status, I will keep you up to date with things that we have passion for, in a hope you will share that same passion. Every day life is a beautiful thing. So as we begin to get to know one another, indulge in laughter and light hearted banter and always feel free to add your own comments.
A long weekend in the studio, writing new material awaits us tomorrow.
Music is our passion x
11:23 17 June 2010Slade

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