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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Communication Part 2

After a fantastic month writing new material and spending time in the studio, We are feeling positive and optimistic. We are confident and excited that the new E.P is going to blow your mind. Its a refreshing experience when 5 musicians are all on the same creative page.

Next for us is actually getting it recorded, there is talk of us going to Bath, so those of you that live in that neck of the woods, I'm sure we will be up for a night out!! There is also talk of us locking ourselves into a country house in the middle of nowhere and recording D.I.Y style. We want a certain unique quality to this recording and maybe doing it ourselves is the answer. Naturally i will keep you updated via myspace and facebook, i will do my best to upload pictures etc. Depending on how the recording sessions are going, it might be nice to get one or two of you guys in to the studio, just so you can see the process and hard work that's involved. I haven't actually discussed that with anyone as it just came to my mind hahaha.... but I'm sure if we are winning and on top it could be arranged.

Massive thanks to all those that came to the Worthing show at the end of last month. After being in the studio it was so nice to play a packed out gig in front of loads of super cool people!!! nice one!! We don't tend to do many shows at home but when we do it always turns out to be amazing! Sambuca shots all round half way through the set always helps, Photo opportunity's with 'Calvin Josh Holmes Klien' always welcome, and your overwhelming support is always welcome, its your faith and love that keeps us going! This is for you x

Another note, recently we have signed to a new management company MaDa Music, Adam Nicol at MaDa is now responsible for sorting us out and insuring we remain focused and heading in the right direction. Placed upon his shoulders is a lot of responsibility and he has a tough job ahead of him. We have every faith in his ability and potential.

Monday we have a show in London with 'I Dream in Colour' its in Camden and sold out, but I'm sure if you head down we will find a way of sneaking you in! but keep that under your hat like! (as he posts on the Internet!). Check IDIC out on myspace and facebook, super good band with bags of potential!.

Bands for you to check out - Black Keys, 65 Days of Static, Cursive, Spiritualized, and you will know us by the trail of dead, bright eyes, Naive Machine. Let us know what your digging right now!

one last thing before i head off, our friends at Hit and Hope Records have launched their new website. Packed full of amazing tunes! check em out
Hit and Hope will be debuting NEW LIVE MATERIAL from its artists Naive Machine this Saturday at the Glitch Mob show, Concorde 2, Brighton, all of the Munich boys will be there and its going to be a seriously amazing night out! for more info

peace and love