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Friday, 3 September 2010

Communication Part 3

A huge sense of achievement is cursing through my veins at the moment. You know when you get that feeling where your totally satisfied and proud of yourself. I don't mean that in any kind of egotistical way. Just excitement and pride. It feels pure and clean. Like when my mum said you only appreciate the value of something once you've worked hard for it.

The five of us have worked so hard these last few months. Holding down full time jobs, rehearsing and writing 6 hours a day. Trudging around with a van load of equipment, load in, un load, load in, unload, load in, unload EXPLODE! The funny thing is i know id happily do this for the rest of my life.

What i love about music is how everyone See's it so differently. Personally I'm certainly no muso, i don't even own many Cd's and my ipod library i ripped from Chubbs cos i felt i had too. haha. But still how everyone involves music in their lives, amazes me, some listen to radio, some don't listen at all, some, likes James McKeown and Rob Dove probably spend about 60% of their annual wages on music!, i swear they have bag fulls every time i see them. Bands I've never heard of, DJ's, different genres. All great music. My point being, music is different for everyone, but music is music, the pleasure of music is something we all indulge in, whether it be daily on the ipod or once in a blue moon on myspace. Music is beautiful, it can change your life. Just like it has ours.

So the last week or so we have been in Bath Moles recording studio. A week to lay down and capture 5 songs that we have poured our blood and sweat into. This is the time is all has to fall into place. This is where is all has to make sense. Making a record is so important to us. To document ourselves in history. The engineer Nick Jopling and producer Paul Corkett, were both wonderful. The instant understanding from what we wanted to achieve, the tireless effort and continuous drive to push things forward. credit to you boys.

We finally got there. 'Where are you now' is done. The sun still shines.
The release date is around end of October, We will let you know exact dates, when we know more. The information i have so far is that it will be released globally on itunes, amazon etc and retail outlets. We have also involved an amazing fashion designer Tamzin Lillywhite to design our artwork. This will be released in the form of a 7" vinyl limited addition. I believe you will be able to get this from Resident and Rounder records in Brighton, Maybe HMV worthing.

The Momentum seems to be picking up quite nicely right now and i would just like to thank you guys for your continuous support. None of this can happen without you. This is all about you! Music, love and friends, Keep chatting on the facebook, commenting on the pictures and listening to the tracks. keep turning up at venues and keep offering the love.

I have faith



3rd September 2010 11:33am